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Boom Lift | Usage

A boom lift goes by many names – cherry picker, man lift, elevated work platform, basket crane – but what is it, exactly? A boom lift is essentially a type of aerial work platform used by personnel to reach high places. A basic boom lift consists of a platform, or bucket, with a long, jointed crane run by... read more

Man Lift | Safety

According to Galmon, deaths from the workplace most commonly come in the form of falling from high places. This likely occurs in workplaces that require employees to work at great heights, such as construction, electrical and phone repair, and fire fighting. What those professions have in common is the use of ... read more

Manlift | Different Types

A manlift or aerial lift comes in many different forms, each one tailored to performing specific tasks. A aerial lift is an instrument that allows people to work in high elevations. Aerial lifts are used in a wide variety of different work settings – from retail stores to construction sites and warehouses. ... read more

Skyjack Lifts | Aerial Lift Basics

Possessing a basic knowledge of aerial and skyjack lifts can enable you to make a smart business decision regarding which lift is ideal for getting your job done. Sometimes ladders alone just can’t get the job done or are too dangerous. Aerial lifts, with their secure platforms and high extension can get you to great ... read more

Spider Lifts | Advantages and Use

In North America, aerial lift manufacturers have offered an array of different lifts – from boom lifts to scissor lifts. However, a relatively new kind of lift has entered the market known as the spider lift. Spider lifts are much like boom lifts, except with a smaller base with four ... read more

Boom Manlift | Skyjack, Man and Spider Lifts

A variety of diverse businesses could benefit from the use of an aerial lift, also known as a man lift. Aerial lifts are essentially mechanical instruments that allow people to reach high elevations safely, using either a basket or platform to carry the worker with the assistance of hydraulic arms or other elevation technology. ... read more

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