Spider Lifts | Advantages and Use

In North America, aerial lift manufacturers have offered an array of different lifts – from boom lifts to scissor lifts. However, a relatively new kind of lift has entered the market known as the spider lift.

Spider lifts are much like boom lifts, except with a smaller base with four legs, or outriggers, holding it firmly to the ground. This gives spider lifts many advantages:

  • Similar to an articulating boom lift, spider lifts have multiple hinges in its arm for flexibility and working its way around obstacles. Spider lift arms can extend up to 100 feet or more, depending on the manufacturer.
  • Spider lifts can operate in difficult-to-access spots, depending on the build.
  • Light weight. A boom lift requires towing or a heavy weight method of transportation. Spider lifts, on the other hand, are easier to handle because of its light weight and are also compact.
  • Versatile.
  • Whereas boom lifts run on gasoline or diesel fuels, some spider lifts are battery powered, enabling operation inside buildings or in areas where gas pollution and exhaust is prohibited.
  • Can work in almost any location. Spider lifts are rugged and durable enough to work outdoors while also small and compact enough to work indoors.
  • Speaking of compact, some spiders can be stored in as small a package as 30 inches in width and about 6 feet tall.
  • Most spiders have a carrying capacity of as much as 176 to 500 pounds.
  • Since most spider lifts are track driven, this means that they are prone to getting flat tires and more importantly can operate on much steeper terrain then a wheeled machine.
  • According to Galmon, the spider lift is fast and easy to operate, even for a novice.
  • The outriggers are lightweight and easy to extend, allowing the machine to fit in just about any tight spot.
  • You won’t need to worry about hot or cold climates in spider lifts, as they can operate in most temperatures. (Although it can be dangerous to work outside during stormy or extreme weather conditions. Exercise your judgment wisely)

Precautions Before Using a Spider Lift

Like other boom lifts, it’s important to exercise proper care and safety precautions before using a spider lift. This means that before you operate it, you should check it to make sure all of the equipment is in good working order. The manufacturer will usually include a instruction manual detailing what to inspect pre-use. Here are a few things you should likely look for:

  • Check the vehicle fluids for good levels, such as oil, gasoline, diesel, or coolant. Check for leaks of said fluids.
  • Inspect tire air pressure (if applicable).
  • Battery charge.
  • Brakes and steering.
  • Signal lights and alarms.
  • Safety harnesses.
  • Any missing or loose parts.
  • Check any hydraulic or electrical systems.

If you find that any part is defective, do not use it until it has been repaired.

The spider lift, the “new kid in town” in the aerial lift world, as a great deal of advantages, yet should also be treated with the same amount of safety precautions as any other lift.


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